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UI/UX Design

A collection of my website and mobile app redesign projects. 


Web Page Redesign 


BEFORE_ Miiriya-2.png



Created to become the "Black Etsy or Amazon," Miiriya was born by entrepreneur Lamine Loco to connect Black-owned businesses directly to consumers. The current website lacks user flow and does not follow web content accessibility guidelines. For this mock redesign project, I developed new brand colors, a homepage, created an accessible content menu and seamlessly integrated the business's social media platforms for a better user experience.

Website Mock-Up Wireframes




Yale SOA.png

Developed for a "Worst Website Design" graduate project, I utilized Adobe XD wireframes to create a mock redesign of several main pages of the Yale School of Art website. The original website is an ongoing collaborative project built by Yale School of Art students that also serves as the main website for the department. While unique in its essence and representative of art itself, functionally, the website uses many fonts, images, gifs and colors, resulting in clutter and therefore, low accessibility. In my mock redesign, the main goals were to maintain the unique and artistic elements of the website, while making it more user-friendly and cohesive in design. 

Thrifty Picks

Mobile App High-Fidelity Wireframes Prototype  
Thrifty Picks Wireframes.png

"Thrifty Picks" is my conceptual mobile app designed to connect users in the second-hand market to nearby vintage retailers, vendors and pop-ups. Thrifty Picks cuts down the juggling between apps, making it a

one-stop shop for all things pre-loved.  Users can find local stores, post pop-up events in their local area such as yard sales and add smaller businesses that are overlooked by competitor mobile search apps. Using Adobe XD, I created this prototype to represent the main pages and functions of this app to simulate a growing niche community.

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